Northside Baptist Church Renovation and Addition

VALDOSTA, GA - Located in the Valdosta Local Historic District, Studio 8 Design provided architectural services for the renovation and expansion of Northside Baptist Church in Valdosta. The construction involved demolition and removal of the existing sidewalls, placing a single custom-made beam to span the entire distance on each side and the addition of wings to both sides.

A glass-walk-around atrium with two-sided access to the sanctuary was added to the east side of the facility and tied into the existing foyer, greatly improving traffic flow inside the building.

The project expanded the existing worship center seating capacity from 600 to close to 1,200. The interior design component of the project transformed the interior from a very traditional color palette to a modern, contemporary aesthetic.

The renovation and expansion also includes a 92-seat choir and orchestra area, new pews, a state-of-the-art sound system and enhanced lighting and interior design elements.

As the exterior of the building was modified significantly with the removal of two exterior walls and addition of side wings, the additions were submitted for approval to the Valdosta Historic Commission. Studio 8’s design maintained the architectural style of the exterior of the building. The actual construction was completed in less than seven months.