Hall County Correctional Institution

GAINESVILLE, GA - Studio 8 provided comprehensive architectural services including design and construction oversight for this project. Designed to replace an aging, 60-year old facility, the new Hall County Correctional Institution houses 200 minimum security inmates in four cell blocks of 50 inmates each. The facility includes a special transitional housing unit for the new Re-Entry Accountability Court Transition (REACT) program. 

The facility also houses inmates used for inmate work details throughout the county. The facility has a complete jail management system, fully electronic locking control and full climate control providing enhanced security and efficiencies for the county. It features full laundry and kitchen operations on site. 

Electronics are a non-proprietary, computer based system with touch-screen controls for integrated operation of all security, communication and alarm systems. Camera coverage of CCTV is extensive with 47 digital cameras, some of which are pan-tilt-zoom. A video recording system records and maintains 15 days of video. All security doors have prison-grade hardware, with 8-inch jamb locks, and are motor operated.